that was so much better than i expected

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Happy 17th Birthday Maisie Williams! (04.15.1997)

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One of my fav oldies, which I’m surprised to see nothing on tumblr about this game, so I had to post me being a cheap ass with Jubjub’s  & owning the enemy. It’s much like Redalert, but simpler.

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Persona 3 the Movie
- #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream -
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So if I started the concepts & stuff for a game like Feralheart , Wolfquest , Aro’kai, etc (I am very well aware it’s been done before so dont be a dick telling me im not being original here ok man)

But uh„ would anyone play it/help out w/ it??

Im just wondering bc i reaALLY wanna make one sigh 

I’d personally love a game to play like this! I’ve only stopped playing feralheart & wolfquest because it’s taken over by RP’s which I don’t do (and FH honestly has nothing to do in it if you take out that). I guess I’ll throw in my two cents and say adding in more of a realistic tone & such like wolfquest has but having at least something to acquire in it would capture a wider audience and keep it more unique (if you’re worried about it being similar to others) than just a bunch of ‘furry’ stuff. I’ll give FH this though, the customization’s great, though people easily go over the top in it.


Here, have some Friesians.

House Stark after that episode!



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End song to the recent Game of Thrones episode 

Forums are down so I’ll just post here, finally finished! :) Thx again for trading with me Vae XD



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